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Political Science
Yamsmine Shamsie

PO 111 – Final Exam Study Guide Terms to study for Sections Aand B of the exam. If you understand the meaning of these terms you will be able to answer both the short answers and the essay questions. Common good Free rider problem Political Legitimacy Power Traditional authority Charismatic authority State sovereignty Nation Nation-state Third face of power Democracy Government State Nationalism Globalization Deliberative Democracy Plebiscitary Democracy Direct Democracy Equality of outcome Negative Freedom Positive Freedom Referendum Second face of power Recall Utilitarianism Authority Equality of opportunity Political Culture TheAsian Model (of development) Postmaterial values The Tea Party Movement Inside strategies Interest group Lobbying Public Interest group ICAAN Export led Industrialization First face of power Outside strategies Self-interest groups Social movement Civil disobedience Terrorism Import Substitution Industrialization Third World Development Political protest Guerrilla warfare Counter-insurgency United Nations Security Council International norms Diplomatic immunity Things to think about when trying to determine how the word relates to the course. Where does the term occur in your readings? Is it an example of a broader concept? If so what is the broader concept? Does it relate to a bigger idea that is discussed in the course? If the word is a broad concept, can you think of other concepts or issues that might fall under that concept? Can you think of concrete examples in real life of this issue or concept? Let’s take the term:
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