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Political Science
Andrea Brown

Acephalous societiesoOne of the three types of precolonial societies that existedoStateless societiesoComes from the Greek word meaning without a headoGroups of people that had rules of governance but they were informal and agreed upon by committeesoWere largely democraticrun through widely accepted norms and principles oRelative equalitybecause they tend to be relatively small 20200 nomadic people where there wasnt a great deal of surplus economiesoThey were subsistence economiesoBands or tribal groups seasonally migrating huntergatherersoThis is the traditional society that is stereotypically identified by modernization thinkers Seen as stagnant societies but there actually was much change among them merging with other bands expanding their population sometimes absorbed into more centralized societies Sepoy rebellionoHappened in 1857oPrior to this the BEI Company was having problemsit had overstretched itself financial problems and pressure from Indian population as wellThis all led up to the rebellion oLed directly to the formal colonization of IndiaoBEI Company had its own army which was made up of Indian soldiers sepoysEmployed by the company to ensure a positive trading environmentaround 250000 of themoSepoys were unhappypressuring for higher pay company was reluctant to increaseoAlso resentment from the belief that officers were trying to convert them into ChristianityoIndian princes not happy eitherdidnt like how much control England had in India so they were trying to recruit the soldiers onto their sideoThen the british introduced the Nfield rifle to the troopsthis was the final straw before the rebellion The rifle had to be greased by either big or cow grease which offended both muslims and hindus oThis rebellion is sometimes called the first war of independenceoA number of british died during the uprising the british fought back this led to a major military eventoBritain said this was enoughthey came in with more organizationAka the beginning of formal colonization Berlin conference o18841885oReemergence of a number European colonists started the Scramble for AfricaoBritain and France began laying claim to parts of Africa to gain control over resourcesoThis made other European powers very nervous and made them rush even more to gain power in Africa using Direct rule rather than informal controloThe Berlin Conference was called by Germany to put some structure to the control of AfricaDraw some lines and make some rulesoNo Africans were present at this conferenceoOwnership was proven through signed treaties signed by African leaders saying that they were giving up land and labour to the EuropeansoSome African groups resisted the Europeans but they were defeated by Europes superior military might strategy and technologydivide and conquer strategyoAt the end of WW1 France and Britain had the largest colonial strength in AfricaGNP and GDPoGDPgross domestic productTotal market value of all the goods and services within the borders of an economyProblem with this as an indicator it is an average number and it is never the case that everyone benefits equally from the economy Doesnt take into consideration the distribution of wealth A good measure of how productive an economy is being to use as a comparison over time or to other countries oGNPgross national product Used as a more accurate measure of incomewealth in a countryAverage income GNPtotal domestic plus foreign output of the economy that is claimed by the countrys residents in one year Subtracts the income that is claimed by foreignersMoney that is earned by residents from that country from outside of it is added inBetter representation of what citizens actually claim Again nothing about distribution of wealth YorubaoOne of 3 main groupings with most political significance in Nigeria
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