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Final Exam Review

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Political Science
Peter Sinclair

Post Structuralism critical perspective to the study of world politicscritical of the way that most states conduct their foreign policies critical of how most international relations theories tell us to study what states do disagree with realism the sate is a particular way of understanding political communitythat is whom we can trust and whom we feel we have something in common with wants us to take seriously what is excluded and marginalized by existing policies and theories and it tells us to think critically about how we construct the world tells us to take the state and power very seriously but it does so in a manner that sets it aside from the other theories of world politics poststructuralism holds that language is essential to how we make sense of the world language is social because we cannot make our thoughts understandable to others without a set of shared codespost structuralists deconstruct the distinction between the national and the international by showing that the two terms stabilize each other and depend upon a long series of other dichotomies Realismtaught American leaders to focus on interests rather than on ideology so seek peace through strength and to recognize that great powers can coexist even if they have antithetical values and beliefsrealism offers a manual for maximizing the interest of the state in a hostile environment which explains in part why it remains the dominant tradition in the study of world politics the state is identified as the key actor in international politics and must pursue powerrealists are sceptical of the idea that universal moral principles exist and therfore warn state leaders against sacrificing their own selfinterests in order to adhere to some indeterminate notion of ethical conductrealists argue that the need for survival requires state leaders to distance themselves from traditional moralityhave no morals be selfish seek power and you will have security the legitimacy of the state is what enables it to exercise authority within its domestic bordersoutside the boundaries of the state realists argue that a condition of anarchy existsinternational politics is a struggle for power between states realists argue that the basic structure on international politics is one of anarchy in that each of the independent sovereign states considers itself to be its own highest authority and does not recognize a higher powerdomestic politics is often describes as a hierarchical structure in which different political actors stand in various relations of super and subordination states with more power stand a better chance of surviving that states with less power
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