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18 Jan 2012

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Before 1879 there was physiology that studied body and philosophy that studied the mind. Wilhelm wundt (1832-1920) germany, campaigned to make psychology a science. G. stanley hall creates the first psych lab at johns hopkins in us 1883. Baldwin and gibson hume (from t. o. ) establish american psych assoc. Largely introspection: observing one s own experiences systematically (*flaw: this allows for no objective evaluation, functionalists gain edge historically due to this) Natural selection, characteristics that have survival or reproductive advantage are more likely to be passed on. Psych should be the study of behaviour as there is no accurate way to figure out what goes on internally, no study of conscious as it can t be proven. Unconscious: thoughts, memories, desires below the surface the surface of conscious awareness. Unconscious conflict related to sexuality plays a central role in behaviour. Psychoanalytic theory: explains personality, motivation and mental disorders by focusing on unconscious.

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