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PS102 Study Guide - Final Guide: Toy Block, Absolute Threshold, Cognitive Neuroscience

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Joanne Lee
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PS102B Winter 2018 Exam Review Questions
1. Which of the following is a new area of psychology that focuses on
how mental processes interact with biological functions of the brain?a.
b. Evolutionary psychology
c. Cognitive neuroscience
d. Behavioural genetics
2. After watching her mother talking on the phone, ten-month old Janessa
holds a toy block to her ear and begins to babble. Which of the
following theorists would explain Janessa’s behaviour through social
observation? a. Freudb. Skinnerc. Thorndike d. Bandura
3. Tara is studying for an exam. Her desk lamp uses a 40-watt bulb. Tara
decides she needs more light and replaces it with a 60-watt bulb, but
doesn’t notice a difference in brightness. She then replaces the 60-watt
bulb with a 75-watt bulb and notices a definite difference. Which of the
following is exemplified by Tara’s experience with the light bulbs?
b. difference threshold
c. absolute threshold
d. psychophysics
e. sensory adaptation
4. A nurse pinches your shoulder before giving a shot, and quickly rubs it
down with cold alcohol afterward. This serves to help decrease any
possible pain from the shot according to
b. gate control theory.
c. selective attention.

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d. accommodation principles.
e. top-down processing.
5. Students in a psychology study group are debating what kind of
information you can get from knowing a correlation coefficient. Betina
believes that the correlation coefficient tells you how strong the
relationship is between two variables, but Luke argues that the
correlation coefficient tells you the direction of the relationship
between two variables. Who do you think is right?
b. Betina is right and Luke is wrong.
c. Luke is right and Betina is wrong.
d. Neither Betina nor Luke is right.
e. Both Betina and Luke are right.
6. Phillip is lying on a grassy hill looking up at the fluffy clouds. If he
tries really hard, he can see an animal shape in every cloud. Phillip’s
looking at the clouds is the process of __________, while recognizing
the animal shape is the process of __________.
a. sensation; perception
b. perception; sensation
c. passive observation; active observation
d. sensation; active observation
7. Even though you have seen thousands of loonies in your lifetime, you
may be unable to recall
which direction the loon is facing and where the mint date is placed because
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