PS280 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sensitivity And Specificity, False Positives And False Negatives, Penetrance

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14 Aug 2019
-the degree to which a dominant gene manifests in the general population
-incomplete penetrance: proportion of people w dominant gene will fail to show its effect
-penetrance of schizophrenia gene may be less than 100%, closer to 50%
Specificity vs sensitivity of disease marker
-sensitivity: correctly identifies those w the disease (true positive rate)
-specificty: ability of test to correctly identify those w/o the disease (true negative rate)
-true negative: does not detect condition when the condition is absent
-false negative: does not detect condition when condition is present
-schizophrenia marked by heterogeneity; people from v different backgrounds experience it
-makes it difficult to predict how person will be affected and future prospects
-knowing that other people are experiencing the same thing you are going through
-can help with the healing process (group therapy)
Characteristics of children at risk:
-from low SES, being black, child of parent w schizophrenia has 10x normal risk, early trauma,
using marijuana, bullying
Negative symptoms:
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