PS390 Study Guide - Final Guide: Applied Psychology, Neurology, Neurophysiology

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14 Aug 2019
-much of applied and professional psychology resulted from wartime demands
-need to test military recruits, and deal with shell shock, displacement, and separation stimulated
the development of professional organizations, therapy, and assessment tools
-postwar economy: effective management of work-groups to ensure their adjustment to the new
forces of production was central
Focus of prewar psychologists: social reform and change
Focus of postwar psychologists: research that supported corporate growth, encourage public’s
adaptation to the new socioeconomic conditions
-during prewar era, focus was largely on arduous psychometric testing, much of which was done
by women (60%)
-after WWII, pressure from US Veterans’ Administration + others for more mental health
services, along with threat of professional competition, moved psychologists towards
standardized training programmes, credentialling bodies, professional organizations + stronger
alliances w natural sciences
-critics of Boulder argue it has promoted medical explanations for psychological issues, thereby
forfeiting Psychology’s presumed, unique interdisciplinary and social perspective
3. Compare and contrast applied psychology and professional psychology
Applied psychology: areas of research that have direct applicability to the real world
Professional psychology: refers to occupations in the field of Psychology (use applied psych)
4. Evaluate the escalation of psychologists’ societal influence as related to social-political
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