PS390 Study Guide - Final Guide: Psych

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14 Aug 2019
Ethics and Politics
-psychological practice is interconnected w epistemology and ontology
-if psychologists assume humans act like machines, their scientific/professional practice
will emphasize control, manipulation, technologies, adaptation to environment + will
neglect emancipatory potential
-if one conceptualizes humans as meaning-making agents embedded in sociopolitical
contexts, then practice will call attention to human agency and will foster emancipation
-psychological practice has involved abuses perpetrated by the powerful (using intelligence
testing as a means to control immigration into US, applying psychological techniques to
extract info from suspected terrorists)
Linking is with ought
-like Hume, psychologists have insisted that facts (what is) and values (what ought to be)
should remain distinct yet mainstream Psych is as guided by certain values, beginning w the
value of value-neutrality, as any other social institution
-lack of reflection on the values that guide research maintains the disciplinary and societal
status quo
-in any science that claims social relevance, the domains of is and ought are intertwined, a
symbiosis that evokes ethical-political responses
-is and ought being intertwined even applies to natural sciences; ex that human activity has
produced global warming is not just an ecological fact but has implications for human
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