PS390 Study Guide - Final Guide: Reductionism, Human Science, Intersubjectivity

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14 Aug 2019
Chapter 1 (critical thinking about Psych)
-practicing the history of psych requires reflexive histoiography and relies on the disposition of critical
presentism (reflects the attitude of time-centrism; interpreting the past from current perspective/in
terms of its value for the present time)
-practicing critical thinking about science leads to practicing an intersubjective science
Chapter 3 (discussed Scientific Rev and Enlightenment)
-compatibility of scientific w theistic thought suggested that scientific advances and ideas frequently
were embedded in religious, even theological views rather than cast as polar opposites
-while early modern natural philosophers stressed the objectivity of scientific observation, many
identified sources of bias and the subjective human limits of observation
-theme of a self-contained vs. a relational self revealed that natural philosophers disagreed about social
nature of the psychological self w/i a social context of social management and individualism
Chapter 5 (early natural-science Psych)
-psychologists engaged in boundary maintenance over against philosophy, human-science psych, and
public fascination w spiritualism and extrasensory phenomena to secure scientific legitimacy
-significant dimension of this endeavour was to engage in biological reductionism, typically manifest in
identification w evolutionary concepts
-early natural-science psychologists adopted ambiguous positions concerning mind and brain, as if they
were avoiding underlying philosophical issues
-most endeavoured to demonstrate practical utility of their investigations to society’s power-brokers
and formed an alliance w societal status quo
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