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Psychology Final: Chapters 14, 15, 16

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Eileen Wood

Psychology Final 1222012 122600 PM Chapter 14Questions How accurate are the tests that tell you what your personality typeWhen people talk about repressing a memory or being in denial where does that language come fromIf you hear that shyness or another personality trait is inherited does that mean it cant be changedWhy is the same person often so different with family with friends and in the classroomTraits habitual ways of thinking behaving feeling ex Seven dwarfsStates feelings you have which changes in different situations Ex Heather is Is this a trait or a statePsychodynamic theories of personalityDefense mechanismso Repression unconscious discontinuation of memory unconscious defense of the material literally forget what happenedo Projection unacceptable bad threatening feelings repressed then projected on someone else by saying something bad about them o Displacement place feelings on something else usually angeraggression on other things not the source of their anger o Regression reverts to a previous phase to deal with emotions o Denial refuses to admit that they are experiencing something unpleasant Called psychodynamic dynamic meaning powerful energetic forces are pitted against each other Unconscious processes going on within the mind adult personality is formed greatly by childhood experiences motives and desires lie underneath the surface The structure of personality o Id Present at birth all basic urges What you would like to doOperates on the pleasure principle 2 competing instincts the lifesexual instinct the deathaggressive instinctsomeone who is too controlled by id lives by impulse selfish o Ego Logical rational realistic part of personalityConsiders reality of life socially appropriateBoth unconscious and conscious part of mindReasongood sense satisfies the ids urgeso SuperegoConscience Morality parental authority parents expectation social norms voice on conscience Feelings of guilt shame when your break the rules someone who is too controlled by the superego bossy moralistic inflexible o Ex Josh iswhich part of the personality is clearly more presentHealthy personality all 3 of the systemsThe development of personalityPsychosexual stages sex instinct sexual energy takes different forms each stage produces a certain amount of frustration conflict anxiety o Oral babies biting things sucking thumbproblems with oral stage include over eating nail biting chewing on pencils smoking o anal 23 toilet traininganal retentive holding everything in obsessive about neatness cleanlinessanal expulsive messy disorganized o oedipalphallic 356 begin to tell difference between malefemaleposses wishes for the parent of opposite sex get rid of parent of same sexboys accept fathers authority girls penis envyafter resolved the personality is formed o latencywhen kids enter school concerned about peer relationships
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