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Laura Allan

Midterm 2Chapters 34512Psychology Biological Bases of BehaviorThe Nervous System Central Nervous System part of the nervous system that lies within the skull and the spinal chordPeripheral Nervous SystemSomatic Nervous System includes sensory receptors and controls skeletal muscles controls voluntary movementsAutonomic Nervous System controls glands and other muscles It divides into sympathetic nervous system to mobilize in times of need and parasympathetic nervous system conservation of energy or relaxing of the body These movements or body functions are involuntary Endocrine System is the bodys slow chemical communication system Communication is carried out by hormones synthesized by a set of glandsHormones are chemical messengers in the blood stream secreted by the endocrine glands in a pulsatile way several times a day in short burstswhen enough of a hormone has been secreted a signal is sent to the hypothalamus to stop the secretion of that hormone a negative feedback systemKey Functions and Differences Between Sympathetic and ParasympatheticEndocrine GlandsPituitary Gland stimulates action from other glands also known as the master glandthis in combination with the hypothalamus initiate a fight or flight response to the body to the adrenal glands that release stress hormones Thyroid controls metabolic rateAdrenal Gland salt and carbohydrate metabolism
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