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random sectionQuestion 111 pointAs described in your text Domjan and his colleagues studied the adaptive significance of sexual conditioningResearch like this may shed light on which of the following topicshow erectile dysfunction may develop in humanswhy some species fail to reproduce and become extincthow sexual fetishes develop in humans evolutionary causes of infertility in humansQuestion 211 pointWhich of the following could be accounted for by classical conditioninglearning to talklearning to play baseballlearning to walklearning to love the smell of Grandpas aftershave Question 301 pointTerrence uses opiate drugs dailyHe normally takes his pills in the morning right after he has a shower If Terrance has developed tolerance to these pills what is likely to happen after his shower if Terrance does NOT take the pillsThe shower will elicit conditioned compensatory responses which will be experienced aswithdrawalThe shower will elicit conditioned responses which will be experienced as a placebo effectThe shower will elicit unconditioned compensatory responses which will result in an experienceof painThe shower will elicit unconditioned stimuli which will counteract any withdrawal symptoms that he experiencesQuestion 411 pointWhat is a conditioned stimulusstimulus that elicits an reflexive response and can do so regardless of any additional learningunlearned reaction that occurs without previous conditioningpreviously neutral stimulus that through conditioning acquires the capacity to elicit a conditionedresponselearned reaction that occurs because of previous conditioningQuestion 501 pointIf a dog salivates to a blue light and not to a yellow light what has the dog learnedspontaneous recoveryconditioned emotional reactionsstimulus generalization stimulus discrimination Question 601 pointCherise has developed a tolerance for the effects of heroinShe normally uses heroin in her boyfriends apartment and always uses the same administration routine What will happen if Cherise uses heroin in a different location using a different routineShe will be at risk for withdrawal symptomsThe drugs will not have the same powerful effect on her so she wont feel as high She will be at risk of overdose She will experience a placebo effectQuestion 711 pointWhen Diana was three years old she became terrified when the neighbours budgie bird kept flying near her head Today she is afraid of all birds including robins pigeons and blue jays What process does this illustrateinstinctive driftstimulus generalization stimulus discriminationnegative avoidanceQuestion 801 pointIn classical conditioning what is the stimulus that naturally evokes an unlearned responseconditioned stimulusunconditioned stimulus unconditioned reinforcer conditioned reinforcerQuestion 901 pointAnthony classically conditioned his cat to purr whenever the phone rang One day the phone rang for nearly two hours straight when Anthony wasnt home and the cats conditioned purring response underwent extinction Today the response has spontaneously recovered but what should Anthony expect if the conditioned purring response were to undergo extinction againIt would take less time to extinguish than it took for the original extinction It would take more time to extinguish than it took for the original extinction It would take the same amount of time to extinguish as it took for the original extinctionIt would be impossible to extinguish the response now that spontaneous recovery has occurredQuestion 1011 pointIn higherorder conditioning how are new conditioned responses createdThey are conditioned by repeatedly pairing them with discriminative stimuliThey are built on the foundation of innate unconditioned responsesThey are built on the foundation of previously established conditioned responses They are blocked by sensory adaptationQuestion 1101 pointStudies have demonstrated that allergic reactions and the growth of drug tolerances can both be influenced which of the following processesinstinctive driftclassical conditioning instrumental conditioning sensory adaptationQuestion 1201 pointOne Saturday Adhar was sitting at home when the telephone rang A local company was making promotional calls and told Adhar he had just won a 500 gift certificate He felt a rush of excitement at the thought of what he could do with 500 Now Adhar finds that whenever he hears a telephone ring he feels a little surge of excitement In this example what is the conditioned responsethe surge of excitement that Adhar feels whenever he hears a telephone ring the ringing of a telephonethe news that he had just won a 500 gift certificatethe rush of excitement he felt when he won the certificate Question 1311 pointResearchers have found that animals show evidence of classical conditioning if they are injected with a drug that chemically causes immunosuppression while they are simultaneously drinking an unusualtasting liquid In these studies what is the conditioned responseimmunosuppression the taste of the liquid that is usedthe injection of the drugfear of the injection processQuestion 1411 pointKaleb developed a fear of snowstorms two winters ago when his car spun off the road and hit a tree during a blizzard As the winter progressed and he had no further accidents Kaleb thought his fear of snowstorms had pretty well disappeared To his surprise this winter when the first heavy snow started to fall he found his heart was pounding and he was trembling What does this illustrateextinctionsecondorder conditioningstimulus generalizationspontaneous recovery Question 1501 pointAfter a painful experience Sebastien cringes every time he hears a dentists drill even when he is sitting in the waiting room of his dentists office In this example what is cringing in the waiting roomunconditioned response conditioned stimulusconditioned response unconditioned stimulusrandomQuestion 101 pointCurtis is working on a presentation and doesnt hear the phone ringing in the background Later he is surprised to find three phone messages have come in for him because he was totally unaware that the phone had even rung Which of the following models is supported by this examplelateselection model of attention proactive model of attentionearlyselection model of attention acousticblocking model of attentionQuestion 201 pointDr Boissoneau is a wellliked professor and students always say that it is very easy to remember his lectures Dr Boissoneau uses a lot of funny pictures to illustrate his points like a picture of Napoleon being soaked by a bucket of water when discussing the battle of Waterloo and he creates all kinds of examples and metaphors when explaining theories or concepts like comparing Marie Antoinette to Paris Hilton What is it about Dr Boissoneau that is most effective for allowing students to remember his lectures so easily
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