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PS262 Final: Chapter: 2

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Elizabeth Olds

Ch. 2 Electromagnetic spectrum: continuum of electromagnetic energy that is produced by electric charges and is radiated as waves described by wavelength distance between peaks of the electromagnetic waves Visible Light: energy within an electromagnetic spectrum that humans perceive, has wavelengths ranging from 400700 nm Light reected from environment enters through the Pupil is focused by the Cornea and lens to form shape images on the Retina (network of neurons that covers the back of the eye contains visual receptors for vision Rods and Cones contain light sensitive pigments that react to light and trigger electrical signals signals move through optic nerve towards brain Cornea: 80 of the eyes focusing power last 20 to Ciliary Muscles Accommodation: change in he lenses shape that occurs when the ciliary muscles at front of eye tighten and Near Point: the distance at which your lens can no longer accommodate to bring objects close into focus Presbyopia: old eye Myopia Nearsightedness inability to see distant objects clearly refractive myopia: lens bends light too much axial myopia: eyeball is too long Far point: the distance at which light becomes focused on the retina Hyperopia: farsightedness trouble seeing nearby objects
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