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PS262 Final: Chapter: 8

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Elizabeth Olds

Ch. 8 Optic ow: as a person moves forward, objects move relative to the person in the opposite direction Akinestopsia: blindness to motion couldnt pour tea because liquid doesnt move people suddenly appeardissapear Attentional Capture: The ability of motion to attract attention is called attentional capture occurs not only when you are consciously looking for something, but also while you are paying attention to something else Real motion: actual motion of an object True Motion: an object displayed continually through space Types of Motion Illusory Motion: Apparent Motion the perception of motion when there is none objects separated in space ash on and off Induced MotionMovement: occurs when motion of one object (usually larger) causes a nearby stationary object(usually smaller) to appear to move i.e Moon is still in sky but clouds moving in front of it can make it seem like its moving Used by actual motion Motion Aftereffects: occur when viewing a moving stimulus for 3060 seconds causes a stationary stimulus to appear to move One example of a motion after effect, is the Waterfall Illusion if you look at a waterfall for 3060 seconds then look off to the side, everything appears to move for a moment Opposing pairs of neurons for upward and downward motion How we perceive things that are moving: 1) Maria looks straight ahead and Jeremy walks across her retina Jeremys images stimulates a series of receptors one after another as his image sweeps across her retina (IDS occurs) 2) Maria Follows Jeremy motion with her eyes Jeremys image remains stationary on Marias fovea as he walks by although Jeremys image remains stationary on her retina, Maria perceives Jeremy as moving. (CDS)
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