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Bruce Mc Kay

Ian Shaughnessy thFebruary 25 2013 Drugs and Behaviour Nicotine and Tobacco1492Christopher Columbus discovers tobaccoCigarTightly rolled quantities of dried tobacco leaves CigarettesRolls of shredded tobacco wrapped in paper1997Canadian Tobacco Act Tobacco companies may only promote their products in publications directly to an adult or in places where young people arent permitted by law such as bars or taverns They must also only highlight actual brand characteristics rather than by lifestyle advertising that attempts to portray the product to consumers in a flattering light Tobacco companies may not Attempt to convince young people of the desirability of their product by associating it with glamour recreation excitement vitality risk daring or sexuality Depict any tobacco product or its package or brand Sponsor youthoriented activities Include the name of a tobacco product or manufacturer as part of the name of a permanent sports or cultural facilitySporting events prior to 1997 supported by the tobacco industry were only able to receive support for a 5 year transition until 2003 were it would be prohibited Movies may show smoking acts but tobacco companies cannot pay for their inclusionIn 2000All tobacco products must have a warning message covering 50 of the display space In 2011 this was increased to 752006SmokeFree Ontario Act stProhibits smoking in all enclosed public places and workplaces in Ontario effective May 31 Ensures minimum age to purchase cigarettes is 19 Phases out the retail display of tobacco products complete ban in may 2008ECigarettes Vaporize nicotine without the tar or carbon monoxide but you still get the diethylene glycol instead antifreeze like compoundImportant toxic compounds in tobacco smoke Carbon Monoxide Tar Nicotine Hookahs A single water pipe session results in the same carbon monoxide and tar intake as smoking 100 cigarettes
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