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Anne Wilson

Ian Shaughnessy Social Psychology Midterm 2 March 24 2013 Deindividuated – Loss of self-awareness and evaluation apprehension; occurs in group situations that foster anonymity and draw attention away from the individual Conformity – A change in behaviour or belief in accord with other Normative influence – Conformity based on a person’s desire to fulfil other’s expectations often to gain acceptance. Social Exchange Theory - The theory that human interactions are transactions that aim to maximize one’s rewards and minimize one’s cost Out-group homogeneity effect –perceptions of out-group members as more similar to one another than are in-group members; “They are all alike and we are diverse” Obedience- A change of behaviour in accordance with a direct order from a figure of authority. Factors that affect obedience include, the victim’s distance, proximity and legitimacy of the authority figure, and institutional authority. Types of conformity 1. Public compliance – Doesn’t change your underling beliefs 2. Private acceptance – Does change your underling beliefs Why do people conform? 1. Normative Influence: Wanting to be liked -Public vs Private -Higher conformity when public 2. Informational Influence: Wanting to be right -Higher conformity when task is difficult -Higher conformity when more concerned about being right 3. Prejudice – A negative belief or way of thinking in relation towards someone or something based on limited facts Stereotype – The way you represent something which may apply to a
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