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Midterm 2 Review

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Colleen Loomis

Quiz 2 Review GuideAll Lecture material and the following from readings1 Trait theory Allport Eysenk Cattell and Chapter 9 The Biological Approach Burger 2011 pp 221 249 17 questionsa trait theory Allport Eysenk Cattellbe able to distinguish between trait stable element of your personality the same across all situations summarizes typical behavior and state feeling or mood that changes across situations and environmental changestypes of data LOTQ L life record dataevery day situations Example is academic or health records OT is objective test data and observational Subject is unaware of the characteristics of what is being tested response time Q data is selfreport or questionnaires ALLPORT idiographic data Highlights that traits are based in the nervous systembiologically based and defined by frequency intensity and range of situations This is qualitative CATELL nomoethic approach studies groups Looks for patterns of norms of social behavior Quantitative 16 personality factors derived from questionnaire had surface traits and source traitswhich is the core of personality Surface traits behavioral tendencies that exist on the surface and can be observedSource traits internal psychological structures that are the underlying cause of observed intercollations among surface traitsTraits and their differences cardinal traits expresses dispositions every act is traceable to its influence Central traits expresses dispositions that cover more limited range of situations Secondary traits least conspicuous are generalized and have a varying degree EYSENCK he argued there is no evidence to support psychoanalysis that Freud did He said understanding biology was important He had 3 SUPERFACTORS neuroticism introextra and psychoticism The lemon drop test drops of lemon placed on subjects tongue to answer is they were a introvert or extravert b cerebral asymmetryMeasuring brain activity EEG described in terms of cycles per second or waves One wave is an alpha wave The more alpha waves the more brain activation We can use EEG to predict moods Left hemisphere activity is related to movement toward the source of the emotion and right hemisphere activity is related to movement away from the emotion Depression leads to less left hemisphere activity in the anterior region of the brain when resting c physiological differences stimulation sensitivity and behavioral systemsIntroverts are more sensitive to stimulation than extroverts They are more quickly and strongly arousedReinforcement sensitivity theory states that each human brain has a behavioral approach system BASand a behavioral inhibition system BISPeople with active BAS experience more anger and frustration when they fall short of reaching their anticipated goal and more likely to experience anxiety BAS and extroversion coincide Whereas introversion and BIS go togetherExtroverts are more aware and more attracted to situation that promise rewards They are more impulsive than introverts
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