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Ch.3 Classification and Assessment Section includes: Why assess? The Assessment of Abnormal Behaviour Observations Interviews Psychological Tests and Inventories Personality tests Projective tests Objective tests Intelligence testing Problems wi

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Kathy Foxall

Classification and AssessmentPsychologists have special training in assessmentWhy assessto gather information needed to make a diagnosisto gather information to determine if special intervention is required eg need special educationTo determine if treatment needed and if so what kindFor legal purposes insurance custody issues criminal mattersto contribute to our knowledge and treatment of disordersto allow for communication amongst professionalsThe Assessment of Abnormal BehaviourObservationsobserve person in natural environment or in a clinical setting Obtain reports from other people teachers parents spouse employerobservers must check the validity of their own interpretations of the patients behavioursobservers must try to minimize the impact of their observations on the patients behaviourscan be highly structured and specificomay be less formal and specificInterviewsessentialTakes many forms1unstructured open format but leads to collection of information that may be incomplete2structuredeg SIDP structured interview for DSMIV personality disordersouses a branching decision tree approach persons answers determine what questions you ask word for wordoComposite International Diagnostic Interviewenable a trained interviewer to arrive at a diagnosis1
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