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PS381 prep for test 1

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Pamela Sadler

Examples of possible quiz questions for PS381 Quiz 1 The first quiz will cover text and class material from Weeks 1-2 as well as the lecture material from the same day as the quiz, which includes material from Chapters 1-3 and lectures 1-5. The following questions should give you an in idea of the types of questions that you might expect to write an in-class essay on: 1. Imagine that you are a mildly to moderately depressed psychotherapy client with a choice between three mental health professionals: a psychiatrist, a counseling psychologist, and a clinical psychologist. What differences would you expect in the treatment that each would provide? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of each? Psychiatrist- is able to prescribe SSRIs etc, has medical training Clinical- has some medical training and a lot of psych training, Counseling psychologist- only psych training, no medical training 2. Many students state they want to be clinical psychologists because they “don’t like”, or “can’t do,” research. Discuss the fallibility of such statements about research as it applies to clinical training and practice. 3. Briefly summarize the antecedents and outcome of the 1988 schism within theAmerican PsychologicalAssociation. Describe how this schism may link to the goal in clinical psychology of integrating research and practice. People began thinking the apa was too biased towards professionals and not enough scientific information was being published, due to this theAmerican psychological society was formed and this has more journal articles about strides in the scientific community. It relates to how not all practitioners want to be scientists and vice versa. It doesn’t help integration of the field. 4. According to an interpersonal theory perspective, describe how abnormal interpersonal behavior is defined in relation to normal behavior, what perpetuates psychopathological interpersonal behavior, and how it may be treated. a. Rigid, lack of flexibility of extreme personalities, can be altered by conversat
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