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Religion & Culture
Carol Duncan

Religion Notes Final Exam Religion Matters Chapter 3  Changing Technology, Changing Religion o As soon as printing presses were invented, the bible became a work of literature that was available to everyone. Everyone was given the opportunity to interpret the word of god in their own way which caused religions to split and spilt until now where there are many different denominations within Christianity. o New era of “Online Religion” – hosting services via skype, evangelical outreach, online discussions, publishing testimonies, etc... o Online communities becoming more and more popular  Virtual Spiritual Community, Identity, and Authority o Online Faith Community  Advantages: the ability to worship and communicate with others within the community is 24/7 ongoing, not just when church is in service  Disadvantages: not everyone has access to a computer, the person is still alone while worshiping, some rituals must be performed with other people o Virtual Religious identity  Using the internet allows people to become many different identities which may skew the church, one can be a member of an evangelical church, but also try out paganism, how do you know which members of the church are members because they believe in those beliefs? o Religious Authority Online  Online Religion challenges religious leaders authority because anyone can post anything about religion, having the correct background or not  Mega-Church o Protestant congregations, a minimum of 2000 attendees on any given Sunday o Innovative worship styles using projection technology, praise bands, few use traditional worship styles such as singing hymns and reciting creeds o Can you have Community in a Mega-Church?  Yes, they promote smaller working groups within the church for social interaction between members  Also non denominational so everyone feels welcome  Other New Forms and Contexts for Religious Community o New Age Religious Practises  Divinity (horoscopes, astrology, tarot cards, psychic readings)  Wellness (yoga, message, aromatherapy)  Most of the people that practise these are women, however some women practise this simply out of joy and do not hold it of religious importance Religion Matters Chapter 09  Sex – the biological and anatomical categories of being male or female  Gender – the social categories of what it means to be a male or female in a particular society in specific times and places. A person’s gender is not always identical to a person’s sex  Gender Roles – society’s scripts or expectations for how males and females are supposed to behave, how they should look, what their attitudes should be, what jobs are appropriate for them and so on  Sexuality – the totality of categories that individual societies construct around our bodies sensual feelings, desires, fantasies, behaviours and emotions  Sexual orientation – how society defines specific sets of feelings, desires, etc, to express what is expected from particular sexual categories  Sexual identity – how an individual identifies his or her own sexuality as male, female or something in between, possessing unique sets of sexual feelings, desires, etc,.  But isn’t a Women’s place in ... Religion? o Women’s beliefs are generally stronger than men’s. Women helped to spread Christianity around the world. Women practise religion more often than men do. o In many religions women are deemed inferior to men. They cannot become priests or hold a prestigious position in the church. Women are to respect men and god because Adam was created before Eve.  Changing gender roles, changing relationships to religion o The roles of women in religion are trying to change with the formation of women’s groups or auxiliaries. Congregations that have women’s groups are twice as likely to ordain women o New age religion is also on the rise to try to empower women, practises of yoga, aromatherapy and Wicca are just a few  Does religion change when women are in charge? o Women do lead their churches differently than men. o Women focus on building relationships and using knowledge to lead. They are also more open to issues like abortion and same sex marriage o Men tend to focus on hierarchical power and are not open to modern issues  Why does it always come back to Sex? o There are many passages in the bible that are against same sex relationships and most of the passages talk about the actual act of sex. o Some congregations are becoming open to the idea of same sex people however the vast majority of churches are against it  Negotiating LGBT identities within religious institutions o Many gay and lesbian people attempt to interpret religion in a way that does not condemn their behaviour o Also they might suppress their sexuality so that no one knows or they might try to change their religion to fit their lifestyle o As well these people might compartmentalize that sexuality and religion are two separate identities  Challenging and transforming religious ideas about gender and sexuality o Gender, sexual identity and religion often conflict with each other, it is very hard to change religious ideas about gay and lesbians because some countries have developed their laws around the teachings of their religion o It will take some time before change will occur Religion Matters Chapter 10  How Segregated are Religious Congregations? o Ninety three percent of congregations in the United States are racially homogeneous and only seven percent are racially mixed o Consensus is that if there are more options of where to go to church, most people pick the congregation that is most like them racially o Religious congregations are the most segregated institutions in the world
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