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Religion & Culture
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Chris Klassen

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Approaches and Methods in Religious Studies - comparative studies: the analysis of similarities and differences, most ofeen in relation to two or more religious traditions, practices, or ideas. - Cultural and media studies: the impact and intersection of religion and culture in general, or more specifically religion and particular types of media (such as literature, film, or television) - Environmental studies: the relationship beween the environment, ecology, and ethics and religion and religious traditions - Ethnic studis: the investigation of religion and religious traditiong from the vantage point of specific races or ethncities - Ethnography: the sudy of particular peoples or communities in relation to their religious beliefs and practices based on fieldwork; common in anthropology - Gender and sexuality studies: the exploration of religion and particular religious traditions from the perspective of gender and sexuality; investigates how gender and sexuality are shaped by religion, as well as how religion in turn shapes these dimensions of life; examles include feminist studies, women’s studies, and queer theory - Historical studies: the study of evenrs, people, and processes that have shaped particular ideas and radition - New liteary criticism: the practice of close reading of texts as the now stand, apart from their historical development or the original intention of the author; commonly used with poetry and sacred texts - Post-colonialism: the analysis of religious ideas, traditions, and texts in light of colonialism and its effects - Psychology: the attempt to understand religion and belief through the science of psychology - Textual and linguistic studies: the cloe study of particular written texts and the original languages in which they were written, as well as the history of their development; often used in relation to ancient or sacred texts 4 -
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