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Wilfrid Laurier University
Religion & Culture
Erich Tree

RE100 Midterm NotesIdeas from Lectures Colonialism the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country occupying it with settlers and exploiting it economically Imperialism a policy of extending a countrys power and influence through diplomacy or military force chiefly historical rule by an emperor Ethnocentrism evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of ones own cultureRacism in Religion blacks were the slaves of the americans and they would sometimes be worked to death Slavery has been a primary labororganizing system during the Classic Curopean civilization When Christains fought Muslims in the Mediterranean captives were taken as slaves Native Guanches of the Canary Island was enslavedReligioncentrism religion is based on beliefs that cannot be proven false Bible expressing the Earth is the centre of the universe Of certain studies of religion which appease western religious sensibilities eg by leaving open the possibility that gods exist and intervene in the world or by refusing to offend religions and risk income even when religions contradict science or make racist claims such as regarding origins of Native civilizations Logics of Colonialism started with the enslavement of the Canary Islands and was also known as the starting point for the Age of Discovery Doctrine of Discovery Aristotles theories of Just War and Natural SlaverySome people have ways of life that defy laws and nature and myst be conquered Just War savages eat people bath too much men and women bath together ins laved and took landNot as simple as seenViolating natural laws being determined in european ChristiansJustification of who should get colonized Ethnocentrism ideology of white superiority Consent as in the carnal consent complicit in the legend of Princess Pocahontas Aboriginal Sin saving native peoples from committing sins dismissing original crimes against Native groups by claiming that Natives were sinners who deserved it Male Rights Men have special rights Divine rights god made it so Natural History its natural cultural or biological evolution RE100 Midterm NotesModern Logics of Colonialism Capitalism and world systems theory Geographic change Jared Diamonds Shit Happens Theory that Europeans didnt do anything bad they just did what their weapons biology and technology allowed them to do Presentism things may have been bad but if they hadnt happened in exactly that way things might be worseLawDoctrine of Discovery proclaimed by Pope Nicholas V in the religious bill to justify Portuguese claims to African lands uninhabited by Christians authorizing Portuguese Christians to enslave and seize landsGave the first Christians nation to discover lands uninhabited by Christians an absolute and exclusive right to claim nonprivate property Christians making nonChristians into nonpeople Supported by Papal bulls and donations make in the course of wars to conquer and expel Muslims Papal Discovery 1452 1452 papa bull Dum Diversas authorizing Spain and Portugal to invade search out capture and subjugate any unbelievers and enemies of christ and reduce to perpetual slavery Acquisition by discovery rejected that indigenous nations or their rulers held sovereignty or property before discovery Acquisition of property by discovery contrasted acquisition by conquest Did not require colonists to touch or set food on new property as they could claim the title just upon seeing it Did not require discoveries to obtain the consent of Indigenous or even inform them All indigenous were considered uncivilized and naturally incapable of legit settlement civil society and property therefore take over was allowed English claimed by discovery but insisted that other European nations had no right to do so because they practiced a different form of Christianity Law of Discovery Becomes Part of Us Law 1823 Doctrine of Discovery justifies colonial powers jurisdiction over Native American territories and shows how the US came to acquire ownership Acquisition of Property by discovery contrasted acquisition by conquest the more ancient rule by which a conquering sovereign takes control of property by force and annexes lands thereby replacing a conquer sovereign Billman 2004 Nationalism spain is better should be expanded Christianity culture is better should be culturally expanded around the world1493 Pope Alexander VI issues bill Inter Caetera formally extending the Doctrine of Discovery to lands claimed by spain legalizing seizures of properties from nonChristians enslaving and just wars against any natives who resisted Christian claims Myth of rational civilized chosen people vs irrational unchosen savages
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