RE313 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: John Bowlby, Libido, Psychoanalysis

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21 Feb 2018

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Lesson 1: a brief history of theories about grief. Acceptance: these reactions function to protect us from the devastation of the loss, denial and isolation then give way to anger, rage, and resentment, making a deal, with god, usually, to avert the loss presumably suppressed affect. Freud"s (cid:498)mourning and melancholia(cid:499) host of grief counsellors to usher the bereaved through these supposed: k bler-ross is immensely important in the history of grief and death studies in the. Slade (2006) argues in his book on technology and obsolescence in america. But why is it that this detachment of libido from its objects should be such a painful process is a mystery to us and we have not hitherto been able to frame any hypothesis to account for it. We only see that libido clings to its objects and will not renounce those that are lost even when a substitute lies ready at hand.

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