RE313 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Harvard Divinity School, Cameo Appearance, Palliative Care

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21 Feb 2018

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Dying well: tim calls steve a philosopher, a poet, an angel of death. View: watch griefwalker: this is a national film board of canada documentary directed by tim wilson. According to steve, death makes us human beings: (cid:498)the crucible of making human beings is. Notice the cameo appearance of becker(cid:495)s book denial of death as tim packs it into his bag! Steve: (cid:498)so i(cid:495)m telling you that i believe that the depression which is misdiagnosed all the time, Steve: (cid:498)well i do a lot of counseling back in the city and despite what people say is wrong with does not come from the fact that we(cid:495)re dying, it comes from the fact that we(cid:495)re dying here, now. It(cid:495)s not true the world over that people are depressed about dying. But our recipe for doing so in this culture is not knowing you are dying. That(cid:495)s how you die and not be depressing.

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