RE333 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Nowruz, Asteroid Family

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2 Jan 2018

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Zoroastriani sm: officiall y none, officiall y none. Occasions: new year (nowruz) celebration s, with symbolic foods, weddings, Food offerings: not, at fire ceremonies (jashans) officially required. Christianity: restrict ions on eating meat of certain animal s, especi ally pigs, meat that"s not been ritually slaught ered is restrict ed, accept able food is called kosher, genera lly none, some. 25- hour full fast (no eating or drinkin: on the. Christi anity birth celebration s, funerals, occasions of thanksgivin g, etc. Friday evening meals (sabbath: religious holidays, especially. Passover: officiall, none in the y required. Lots of it, much of it internall y focused. Though some animal slaughter (i. e. chickens for passover and new. Year) hearkens back to earlier times when the animal sacrifice was central to. Lots of it: can be part of a. Christia n"s self- identity: renew ed interest in some quarter s but flaggin g interest genera lly.

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