RE333 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Balinese Temple, Dewi Sri, Bodhisattva

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2 May 2018
Food Offerings Chart
Food Offerings
Fruits, vegetables, milk anything they can provide
Offered to the gods in street processions, in homes, and in temples
Offered by worshippers
Dakshin Kali Festival
o Live animals are washed and then slaughtered by priests
o Sometimes the animals’ blood is thought to be food for the gods
Styled food
Full course meals for rice deities
Dewi Sri, female aspect of rice (deity) is offered rice in a basket
Ubud, Bali
o Offerings placed on the sand, to be swept into the sea for the sea goddess
o Offer flowers, coconuts, food, notes, pictures/drawings, etc.
Offerings need to be attractive/aesthetically pleasing
In Balinese temples priests also feed the evil spirits with an egg (or a small amount
of food) in order to keep them satisfied and away from the temples
o Live animals are dropped into the volcano as a sacrifice to the dangerous
Bring the food (i.e. uncooked rice) to the temple to meditate with, then leave for the
temple authorities to distribute to those in need
Use food (i.e. rice, apples) to make a design on their mats, such as a swastika
Apples are a negative symbol
To the monks
Fruits, grains, nuts, etc. that was made by the lay
Crackers, cereals, boxed food items
To the Buddha
Popcorn, cooked rice, dried fruit (that won’t go bad)
Fruits, prepared dishes, water, vegetables
To Jizo Boddhisatva, people leave tea, fruit
To the ancestors
Dishes that were favourites of the family members who
have died
Water, rice balls, and whatever else was blessed by the
monks is spread/placed in the ground (i.e. water the plants
outside the temple or the home)
Packaged food
Cooked food, i.e. rice dishes
Gravesits: take food, say a prayer, then take the food home
with them
Home shrines: daily offer food and share a meal with the
deceased, on birthdays make favourite dishes
Other home shrines: some of the rice from the family pot is
shared before the family eats
Kobo Daishi:
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