RE348 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Donald Winnicott, Object Relations Theory, Peak Experience

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9 Aug 2020

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Jones would find in the "instructions for the last night" evidence of religious. Feedback: fundamentalism, fanaticism, surrender, all of the above. Feedback: they split the world into good and evil, they are patriarchal, they practice the via negativa, they sanction violence against outsiders. Feedback: idealization, union, play, all of the above. Feedback: it shows there"s something wrong with islam, it illustrates how religion can be understood and practiced fanatically, it shows the effects of de- idealization, none of the above. Espousing the buddhist doctrine of "no-self" as a way to avoid the hard developmental work of becoming a mature self would for fauteux be an example of. Feedback: pathological ego regression, pathological instinctual regression, pathological symbiotic regression, pathological self regression. When fauteux speaks of the elaboration of religious experience he"s referring to. Feedback: is present without intruding, helps the child accept reality, helps the child elaborate their experience, let"s herself be a transitional object.

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