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Wilfrid Laurier University
Robin Ostow

Definition of Views of Power Role of the StateHow does each class theorist view conflict? Darndorf Social inertest Doesn’t define Regulation of Between people groups power but treatsindustry and who have it as legitimate providing social authority and programs people who don’t- takes place in economic and state institutions Poulantes Set of places in Capacity of classOrganizational Occurs within a structure to realize its framework in the state for interests in a which struggle gradual change relation of occurs – helps opposition with bourgeoisie and another class provides programs and services for everyone Giddens Class structure Relations of Structure for Political conflict is a social group autonomy in channelling plays out in based on which actors power of other parties and property, draw on groups- supportsgovernmental education, power of conflict takes labour power, capitalists by place elsewhere divison of labour separating the at work, institutions for Based less on authoritative dealing with class and more power economic on new groups conflicts and organized political conflictsaround race, How did each Outlook for equality theorist understand Race and ethnic gender inequality inequality Marx Evil of capitalism started before It would come with that will disappear capitalism and will communism with c
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