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Sy241 Final questions 1-4

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Rebecca Manley

1 Corruption is political Corruption is politicalProvision within the Criminal Code apply to every person or everyone which includes both individuals and corporationsConflict theorist perspective on political corruption at the state maintain the existing capitalist relations by means of accumulation legitimation and coercion ie feudal England American Slave economyo Policing in capitalist societyproviding a coercive function that indirectly allows for accumulation and legitimation ie increased force used by policeo Another form of policing coercion comes from community penetration ie foot patrols neighbourhood watches police in schoolso Another form of police coercion involves the surveillance and control of groups of workers aboriginals homosexual students people of colour activists etco Police serve as the front line mechanisms of repressionPrivate policing today takes the form of security companies employed by companies and individuals o protect their material wealthToday there are many cases of policing the police ie Zimmerman case in the statesracist murderCorporations and highly esteemed political individuals create laws and legislation in order to meet their needs and may end up hinder the needs of many others by doing thiso Laws are created by and help to protect the ruling classeso Canada has lagged behind other countries in investigating corporate conspiracy and in imposing significant penalties Lesson 5o The difference between street crime and corporate crime is based on attitudes held by not only the legal system members lawyers judges police but also by the victims of corporate crime and general publico The idea of the market as a private sphere in which social relations are governed by agreements made between autonomous individuals rather than by formal legal norms underlies Western liberal democracyo Helping eradicate this unjust norm within our society can be successful by framing their political demands in terms of rights ie right to a clean environment the right to a safe workplaceArticle Robert Tillman 2009 Making the rules and breaking the rules the political origins of corporate corruption in the new economy Crime Law and Social Change 5117386Scandals at large companies such as Enron energy trading and WorldCom telecommunications have exposed corporate fraud an can be accounted for by strategic political actions that changed the regulatory and legal environmental in which those firms operated and created criminogenic institutional frameworks which facilitate corporate corruptionCase studies within article California energy crisis late 1990s regulation of energy derivatives and accounting treatments of stock optionsEconomic sociologists say that markets are MADE they dont spontaneously arise from exchangingParticipants in corporate frauds may not be located in a single industry but are often drawn from several industries because large corporations reduces the range f activities they exercised direct control over control is spread over many networks including financial servicesCorporations dont just BREAK the rules because they MAKE the rules
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