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Final exam Questions 5-8

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Rebecca Manley

Exam questions 58Question 5What is police workLesson 7Police PracticesArticlesStokoe and EdwardsDid you have permission to smash your neighbors doorStokoeIm not gonna hit a lady Ethnomethodologists are interested in common sense cultural procedures The two article listed above were used to explain Police Practices in and ethnomethodoloical wayo Demonstrated how the police use conversation as a means to investigate particular situations o Regularly the police find the suspects guilty through question and answer sequences wherein the suspect does not provide the appropriate responsesInterrogations Rod Watson studied videotaped interrogations of a murder suspect asking How do questions get elicited in interrogations and which devices do they useHow is this information used to determine allocation of blame guilt and responsibility Discovered the importance of membership categorizationused to recognize the identification of or reference to crime o This device is used to refer to collections of categories for referring to personsPolice and other persons use these devices to identify activities that they consider crimeso Categorical membershipsclassifications like mother athlete bore
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