SY101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Economic System, Altruistic Suicide, George Herbert Mead

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SY101 Full Course Notes
SY101 Full Course Notes
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Sociology study of society and human behaviour. Natural sciences types of sciences that involve real science e. g. biology, chemistry, physics, etc. Social sciences sciences that focus on understanding of life e. g. sociology. Sociological perspective how society effects people"s lives. Social construction how people create their own realities. Normal is a social construct: wright mills. Social imagination differences between personal problems and societies problems. Macrosociology focuses on the broad features of society. Microsociology what people do when they come together. Three phases of sociology: social change make the world a better place, field of knowledge sociology as a field of study, social change sociologists use their social skills for social change. Capitalism private ownership of means of production. Socialism public ownership of means of production. Positivism the view that only authentic knowledge is scientific knowledge. Focused on social inequality and social change.

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