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WS100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Louise Mckinney, Patricia Hill Collins, Ageism

Women & Gender Studies
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Lorraine Vander Hoef
Study Guide

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WS100-Midterm Notes Allana Blumberg
refers to how we are socialized into particular male or female roles in society
a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is the head of the family
and descent is traced through the male line
A Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792):
written by the 18th century british pro to feminist Mary Wollstonecraft
one of the earliest works of feminist philosophy
responds to those educational and political theorists of the 18th century who did not
believe women should have an education
Lesbian Baiting:
a form of discrimination against woman with a sole purpose of discrediting them
any women can become a victim of lesbian baiting regardless of her sexual orientation
feminists who are accused of being lesbians in an effort to discredit feminism and prevent
women both from joining the movement and from taking women's studies classes
Third-wave Feminism:
early 1990s
encompasses several diverse strains of feminist activity and study
a idiidual oeet > purpose includes redefining what it is to be a feminist
Transnational Feminism:
refers to both a contemporary feminist paradigm and the corresponding activist
Both the theories and activist practices are concerned with how globalization and
capitalism affect people across nations, races, genders, classes, and sexualities.
Compulsory Heterosexuality:
the idea that heterosexuality is assumed and enforced by a patriarchal society.
This refers to the idea that heterosexuality can be adopted by people regardless of their
personal sexual preferences.
discrimination against those who are disabled
advantages people have by virtue of their status or position in society
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WS100-Midterm Notes Allana Blumberg
Horizontal Hostility:
term used by feminists since the 1970s to describe infighting or factionalism within the
women's movement
occurs when members of a targeted group believe, act on or enforce the dominant
system of discrimination and oppression
when individuals direct the resentment and anger they have about their situation onto
those who are equal or of lesser status
Gender Swapping:
the patie o at of assuig a diffeet se ad/o gede idetit tha oes atuall se
and/or gender identity
dislike or prejudice against homosexual people
Internalized Oppression:
when people are targeted, discriminated against, or oppressed over a period of time, they often
internalize the myths and misinformation that society communicates to them about their
Lifestyle Feminism:
the idea where there are as many kinds of feminism as there are women.
Gender Socialization:
the poess of leaig the soial epetatios ad attitudes assoiated ith oes se
a person who does not subscribe to conventional gender distinctions but identifies with
neither, both, or a combination of male and female genders
a gender-marked term that refers to a young girl with boyish behaviours.
a combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.
Gender ambiguity may be found in fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, or sexual
the practice of dressing and acting in a style or manner traditionally associated with the
opposite sex
possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men
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WS100-Midterm Notes Allana Blumberg
possession of the qualities traditionally associated with women
Gender Ranking:
a system which uses gender to define dominance
a person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics,
either abnormally or (in the case of some organisms) naturally
existing or occurring between the sexes
Sexual Scripts:
ideas how males and females are supposed interact with each other, including how each
gender should behave in sexual or romantic situations
Emotional Intimacy:
an aspect of interpersonal relationships that varies in intensity from one relationship to another
and varies from one time to another, much like physical intimacy.
Cult of True Womanhood:
- Idea is sought to assert that womanly virtue resided in piety, purity, submissiveness and
Woe’s Christia Teperace Uio:
Founded in Cleveland, Ohio in November 1874
Organized by women who were concerned about the disruptive power of alcohol and
the problems it was causing their families and society
They met in churches to pray and then marched to the saloons to ask the owners to
close their establishments
These activities ee ofte efeed to as Woes Cusades ad thei suess as
both forerunner and impetus for the founding of WCTU
WCTC members chose total abstinence from all alcohol as their lifestyle and they
adopted this definition of temperance:
o …odeatio i all thigs healthful; total astiee fo all thigs haful.
Xenophon, Greek Philosopher. c.400 BCE
Suffragists: a person advocating the extension of suffrage, especially to women
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