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Women & Gender Studies
Charles Davidson

1 1st Wave: Liberal 2nd Wave: 2nd Wave: Radical 3rd Wave Feminism Marxist/Socialist Feminism Feminism Time / 2 phases: Marxist: 1970’s Late 1980’s-through history Enlightenment Socialist: the new century (Europe) and most activism in late 1800s early 1900s (especially in North America) Causes of Not considered Capitalism: unequal Patriarchy is the root Looking in their women’s “person.” division of labour of all oppression, individual lives oppression Marxist: economic and men’s ability to Difference and dependence, gender physically dominate Identity division, women’s women (esp Globalization relation to work regarding sexuality) Paid public labour producing goods Domestic labour Major aims Attaining equality to abolish workplace Dismantle patriarchy Development of a & goals with men through discrimination, both Reproductive collective identity for practical, legal paid and unpaid for freedoms, abortion, groups which permits demands all working women “no means “, female them to challenge control of own stereotypes and sexuality, sheltering oppression women Applies to culture Specific Held no property, Double day Holds that women differences between issues or custodial or legal/civil Gendered division are different then individual women & values rights during Occupational men identity politics, marriage. segregating Valorizes women’s globalization & Protected by Pay inequality “feminine” similarities between husband and father, Glass ceiling characteristics women, awareness no legal power over Part time work “Maternal thinking: of privilege money, Feminization of not
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