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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Margaret Toye

WS100 FINAL EXAM Feminist theories Intersectionality Social constructionism – gender Beginning of exam, what is women and gender studies Testing readings since the mid term Paragraph  Write an outline, double space, do not exceed 300 Show depth and knowledge of course material Tuesday dec 3 – 5 -7pm talk about exam Sweatshops a gendered issue due to the fact that women are so small and have small hands etc, it is easy for them to do certain tasks, as well it is easy to use coercion against women as they are “weak” Stereotype of Asian women, willing to work, always smiling, hard workers, accept exploitation, can be paid less, less willing to protest Relationship b/w women’s bodies and needs of economy  how women’s bodies were disciplined in these sweat shops, 28 day contracts (average length of menstrual cycle) fired if you become pregnant and end of this cycle, in order to work and make money, one cannot be pregnant One sweatshop had “pad checks” see if you are actually menstruating Forced contraceptive pills Forced pregnancy tests Forced abortion pills Forced abortions, hard work induced miscarriages Working in plastic factories, there is a high rate of still born children Many of these women fired once they are in their mid 20’s (“too old”) “Widespread assault on women’s reproductive freedoms” Choice: carry to term or job “Motherhood has become the scourge of these pink collar zones” Creating a workforce of childless women” Solution: stop buying things made in sweatshops, (this is easier said than done) Tag test  Bangladesh made clothing and products, tag was changed to made in Canada, assembled in Canada Health as socially constructed Disability as so
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