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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Leanne Hagarty

Final Exam Review Questions WS100OCI Define the following termsEnvironmental racism 288differential exposure to environmental problems on the part of marginalized peoples has fostered an environmental justice movement to resist these inequities as a lack of economic social and political power Environmental racism reflects the fact that people of color in the United States are disproportionality exposed to toxic environments due to the dumping of chemical and other waste on Native American land and in urban areas where people of color live Reproductive choice 290309involves being able to have safe and affordable birthing and parenting options reliable safe and affordable birth control technologies freedom from forced sterilization and the availability of abortion Where women can control their reproduction and therefore shape the quality and character of their livesEugenics 290 the racist and classist idea that certain groups have more rights to reproduce than others Its a belief and social practice Norplant 297 344is a contraceptive device that is implanted under the skin of the upper arm and releases a small amount of the hormone progression through the inspired capsules for up to 5 years Thought to be used against for underprivileged womenProlife advocate 301believe personhood begins at conception and a fertilized ovum or fetus has the right to full moral and legal rights of personhood Right of sanctity of human life outweigh the rights of mothersRoe v Wade 30141973 a the united states supreme court rules in roe vs wade that a Texas anti abortion statue was unconstitutional and overturned all states bans on abortion The US constitution protects a womans decision to terminate her pregnancy and allowed first trimester abortions on demand It declared that only after a fetus is viable capable of sustained survival outside the womens with or without artificial aid may the states control abortion Fistula 329 cause by obstructed labor rectovaginal and vesicovaginal with urinary or fecal incontinence or both as well as structural damage to reproductive organssometimes leading to social isolation or ostracism for these young womenNuclear family 355normal family constructed from middle class white married heterosexual couple with children Married couple residing together with their childrenwho can be compared to extended family where a group of related kin In addition to parents and children live under one roof Family values 35960 supporters of the status qou in society have made the term family values synonymous with traditional definitions of the family and its role in society This includes seeing women defined in terms of the domestic and reproductive roles men as the rightful sources of power and authority and married heterosexual families as the only legitimate familyMotherhood 36971 notions of innate biologically programmed behavior and expectations of unconditional love and nurturance Women are expected to want to be mothers and mothers are expected to take primary responsibility for nurturing childrenDefense of Marriage Act DOMA 358 380 passed in 1996 and subsequent state mandates have restricted the legality of unions beyond the malehusband and femalewife relationshipEconomic globalization 391 processes that integrate economies toward a global marketplace or a single world market as illustrated by the rapid growth of transitional corporation and complex networks of production and consumptionHostile work environment 399401 no explicit demand for an exchange of sexual acts for workrelated conditions but being subject to a pattern of harassment as a part of the work environmentHorizontal segregation 406 4123is the segregation of women and men across different kinds of jobsJobs held by women are pink collar and can be understood as an extension of reproductive labor or unpaid work in the home Vertical segregation 409 413 is segregation within a job It functions as a result of sexism and racism and other systems of inequality and privilege Glass escalator 410 men who go into traditionally female dominated professions like teaching nursing and social work are disproportionality advantaged into management and administrative positions where they receive more prestige page and power than women Comparable worth 413also known as pay equity is one means to pay women and men in different occupations comparably Dual labor market 400402 provides a primary market with relatively higher high wages and employee benefits and protections for workers and a secondary market where workers disproportionally women and people of color receive lower wages fewer benefits and less opportunity for advancementHiphop culture 506 534 53542 Zines 468 498501 cheap cut and paste publications that have sprung up both in print form and on the World Wide Web in recent years These publications which range in quality often provide a forum for alternative views on a wide variety of subjects especially pop culture Male gaze 45960 primary motive for understanding gender in film making Mulvey argues that movies are essentially made through and for and fort eh male gaze and fulfill a voyeuristic desire for men to look to women as objects seen through the eyes of a male protagonist
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