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WS 100 Midterm: Feminism, good wife

Women & Gender Studies
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Lorraine Vander Hoef
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Women studies
“How to be a good wife”
-have dinner ready
—> plan ahead
-“way of letting him know that you have been thinking about him”
—> concerned about his needs
-meals are a way of welcoming
-make sure you look presentable—> fresh looking
-be happy and comforting since he’s had a long day
-clean up; toys, table, paper
-should give your husband a ‘lift’—> haven of rest and order
-prepare the children
-wash them and prepare them for his arrival
-“little angles”
-make sure the area is soothing and minimize noise
-encourage children to be on best behaviour and quiet
-put on a happy face when he arrives—> warm greeting and smile
-greet w complaints/problems
etc. tardy
-make him comfortable
—-> lean in a comfortable chair, fix him a drink
-speak in a soothing tone
-listen to him
-make the evening his
-try and understand what he goes through at work and realize that home is where he relaxes
and takes the pressure and stress off
Goal: make your home a place of ‘peace’ where you husband can renew himself in body and
Why are you a feminist?
-intolerance seeps into our kitchen through radioactive tv screens
-only security comes from self-defence classes
—> body is qualified, quantified, valued
—> valueless;brought and sold on street corner and tv
-advertisement invades my solitude
asked to a group in Hounders“las amas de casa”—> the mistress of the home/ housewives
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