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Women & Gender Studies
Lorraine Vander Hoef

WS203 Terms and Definitions Term Definition Metrosexual o A heterosexual, single male, with concerns for his appearance, and a lifestyle that has been associated with gay men o Associated with male version of female narcissism, known as the ‘mirror men’ concerned with image o Considered evidence of the deconstruction of masculine norms due to the mainstreaming of gay culture and lifestyle through  Same-sex marriage legislation (Canada; 2006)  Media (Queer eye for the straight guy 2003-2007) o A shopper associated with the feminine pleasures o Examples – Ryan Seacrest and David Beckham Emo Boy o Tight black clothes (not goth) o Black hair with ‘emo swoosh’ – bangs o Shoulder bag with pins, piercings o Associated with glamorization of suicide and self-harm (cutting and anorexia) o Gender ambiguity and bisexual experimentation o Strong emotions/sensitivity o Labelled ‘whiners’ Sexual Totems o Sexual totem indicating gender o Personal totem for protection  Acts as a protector  Positive and constructive identity formation  Protecting from things they have gone through in the past o Spiritual identity Mrs. Bonnycastle o History of Harlequin Romances  1957: acquires distribution rights to the English Mills and Boon category romance novels at Mrs. Bonnycastle’s urging  She urged the expansion of more category romances because that is what women what  This is the first level of the company responding to the consumers/readers Totemic Principle Taboos New Masculinity Toxic Shock Syndrome - The growth and spread of staphylococcus aureus in the vaginal wall due to the use of synthetic material, which could lead to death Medicalization - Illness to be cured - Not just a part of women’s lives or the rhythm of life/public life - Instead of making it okay, they have medicalized it as an illness that needs to be controlled and cured (such as the pill getting rid of periods) - PMS is a term that now puts women down Ubersexual - Created by marketers to counter the ambiguous gender and sexual orientation of the metrosexual Gender Bending - Transgressing or ‘bending’ traditional gender norms through androgynous behaviour or dress Chivalry Age Compression ‘Double State of Motherlessness’ Sympathetic Magic Animism Vamp - Tibby (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants), Gwen Stefani, Amber Tamblyn - Characteristics o Intelligent, cynical, sensitive, culturally attuned, punk or goth, rocker girl style with dark make-up and hair o Femme fatale  Punished for her sexual experience – also as an outsider socially  Not ‘it’ enough o Sexualized: the ‘sexy,’ glam vamp ‘It’ Girl - Brigitte (Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants), Blake Lively - Characteristics o Athletic, strong, determined, energetic, loud, focused on the guy (in the traditional heterosexual, patriarchal sense), competitive o Femme fatale (her contemporary construction)  Punished for her sexual experience o Sexualised the ‘hawt it’ girl (distinguished from the good girl you might marry one day) Classic Romance Brand Marketing (of category - Harlequin Historical (and Harlequin Medical were the more traditional and romance) older categories) - Harlequin Blaze - Harlequin Intrigue - Harlequin Romance - Harlequin Presents (more standard romances) - Harlequin Medical - Harlequin NASCAR (a whole series that takes place in that world) ‘Cinema of Delay’ - New electronic and digital technologies can help to create a ‘cinema of delay’ o Give us more opportunities for a ‘cinema of delay’ o There is more possibilities to make a patriarchal society stop over the image of women because it is easier to do Trans-Sex/Transvestite Spectating Position Film Noir - Black and dark cinema with unhappy endings - Derived from German expressionism from 20s/30s - Term coined by French critic Nino Frank in 1946 to describe dark themes of American post-ward detective and crime film - Refers to a filmstyle rather than genre - Reflecting post-war mood of pessimism, suspicion, and anxiety and Cold War fears of nuclear annihilation - Counter-balanced optimism of Hollywood musicals and comedies Femme Fatale - Dark haired, evil/transgressive power, the new woman, punished for her power and independence - Literally killer, deadly or tragic woman - Glamorous city dame in familiar - Slings a gun to get the guy and money - Red lipstick, feminized silhouette - Brings down male detective or anti-hero - Punished for her intelligence, independent, and power - Rooted in the Flapper and 2 early film types:  The Vamp – eg. Louise Brooks  The ‘It’ Girl – eg. Clara Bow Kiss Me Deadly Male Gaze Male Spectator Scopophilia - The love of looking The Threat of Castration Narcissism - Identification of the male spectator with the male protagonist which deflects desire onto an objectified woman Fetishism - Focusing on a pleasurable part of the woman’s body Voyeurism - Investigating and understanding the female mystery to make a woman controllable (stalker camera angle) Female Spectatorship Mary Ann Doane - When we look and track female desire in a film, we come up with three other modes in looking for a female spectator, which are in turn constructed by the male gaze o Every image of a woman is constructed for the male gaze 1. Female Narcissism 1. (Female) Narcissism: 2. Masochism o Over-identification with the idealized feminine object of male desire 3. Commodification o We all identify with the females on the screen o Over identification in psychoanalytic terms is always thought of unhealthy o This female object of desire is idealized and something we can never be  We want to become the object in every males desire o Identification of a Disney princess 2. Masochism: o Identification with the female victim o The crime shows and the identification of the female rape victim(s) o Our identification with the victim is a dangerous thing – with her lack of power  We are set up as a victim of society 3. Commodification o Trading on an idealized image of one’s self in exchange for power (generally a sexualized power) o A kind of power that is still constructed by the male gaze o Not just a victim but she assumes power only through her sexuality o Sell this sexualized image of ourselves so we can get something back (so we have some derivative/secondary power) - Each of these are all constructed by the male gaze as the male modes of looking - Assuming that every hypothetical female spectator is identifying as her role as an object for the male desire o Assuming there is no female-female identification o Always imagining being a sexual partner with a male ‘Shock of Recognition’ o Female viewers recognizing the restrictions of living under patriarchy  Like the shock when the professors daughter understood that Sister Bear gets the shitty end of the
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