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ACTG 2010 Study Guide - Labour Power

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ACTG 2010

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Karl Marx views on capitalism
Page: 175 (The Work of Tyranny)
According to Marx, there are four aspects of alienated labor.
The product, the purpose, himself and other.
All commodities are exchangeable in relation to each other
All commodities share a common feature
The common feature, there value is created by human labor
Their value depends on the amount of labor time expended in their production
Human labor power is bought buy capitalist
The value of labor is the same as the value of all other commodities; Labor is the workers own
life activity, the manifestation of his own life, This life activity he sells to another to secure the
necessary means of subsistence.
Through labor humans can shape themselves in the society.
The activity in which people can use their own unique qualities as human beings properly
organized work brings out and reflects distinctively human attributes
Reading: Myth history, Page 75
According to McNeill myth and history are very close to each other, though they are the opposite
in terms of meanings. Myth is believed to be a false story while history is or aspires to be true.
Historians who reject someone else’s conclusion call them mythical, while claiming that his own
views are true. What seems true to one historian will seem false to another