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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Rebecca Jubis

General Comments This answer received 11/15. The student starts with an important point that the Behavioural Approach to management focuses primarily on employees as a key part of organizational performance. The underlying factor here is that the Behavioural Approach recognizes that people are an important consideration, and doesn’t simply focus on output. In other words, it puts the human factor first. The student backs this up by indicating the connections between Behavioural Approaches and the idea of organizations as “social systems.” The student then does well to contrast Behavioural Approaches with Scientific Management. The answer also provides examples of organizations that have adapted more of a Behavioural Approach. The student shows a good understanding of management theory in general by acknowledging that while the Behavioural Approach may have many positive aspects, it is not necessarily the “best way” in all situations. Thus, there may be some situations or businesses where some dimensions of the Scientific approach are more appropriate—perhaps in manufacturing or the fast food industry. Key Recommendations for Improving this Answer The key weakness of this answer is that it doesn’t actually identify and discuss what the specific strengths of the Behavioural Approach are. Why do companies such as WestJet use it? What are its key characteristics? Part II--Essay Question #1 The Behavioural Approaches to management are the only way to succeed in today�s business environment. Discuss this statement by drawing on relevant examples from the
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