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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Modir

Attention iWRITE users: It is recommended that you print a hard copy of this exam (which includes a case study) before proceeding YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES AK/ADMS 1000 Sections A, B, E & H ONLY INTRODUCTION TO ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES COURSE DIRECTOR: Dr. JULIA RICHARDSON MID-TERM EXAMINATION 2.5 hours INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This exam is worth 50% of the final grade. 2. It is an open-book, 2.5 hour exam. 3. This exam contains two parts. Part 1 is a case study with three questions (total 60 marks). Part 2 has two essay questions (total 30 marks) (overall total 90 marks). 4. Write or print clearly using pen only in the booklet(s) provided. 5. Upon completion students must submit all exam booklet(s) and this question booklet. On the booklet(s), print: your name, student number, instructor’s name, and the number of booklets used. 6. No electronic aids/dictionaries/computers are permitted 1 PART I (60 marks total) 1 CASE: A MESSAGE FROM TOMMY HILFIGER…. OUR BUSINESS PRACTICES We are designers and marketers; our expertise lies in the design, merchandising, marketing and selling of products. As such, and like most global companies, we do not manufacture our products ourselves: we do not own or operate any garment factories. We contract with hundreds of factories throughout the world to produce our goods. Tommy Hilfiger’s expectations of the factories that make its products are summarized in our Code of Conduct, a set of strict labor standards evaluated by a worldwide Monitoring Program. Code of Conduct Tommy Hilfiger’s products are made in more than 45 countries in the world, and in hundreds of factories. We are committed to seeking compliance with our Code of Conduct, which reflects internationally recognized fair labor standards. We maintain programs and procedures to assure appropriate working conditions and procedures where our goods are reproduced. Tommy Hilfiger’s Code of Conduct outlines Tommy Hilfiger’s expectations concerning the conditions under which its products should be made. The Code of Conduct, which was formalized in 1997, has been printed in more than 35 languages to date and is required to be posted in factories authorized to make Tommy Hilfiger products. Specific sections are devoted to forced-labor and child-labor: “Forced Labor: Tommy Hilfiger will not purchase products or components thereof from suppliers that used forced labor, prison labor, indentured labor or exploited bonded labor, or permit their suppliers to do so.” “Child Labor: Tommy Hilfiger will not purchase p
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