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ADMS 1000 Summer 2011 - Midterm.pdf

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Modir

YORK UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES AK/ADMS 1000 INTRODUCTION TO ADMINISTRATIVE STUDIES PREVIOUS MID-TERM EXAMINATION INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This exam is worth 40% of the final grade. 2. It is an open-book, 2.5 hour exam. 3. This exam contains 1 case (60 marks), & 1 essay-type question (20 marks). Total exam marks = 80 marks. 4. Write or print clearly using pen only in the booklet(s) provided. 5. Upon completion students must submit all exam booklet(s) and this question booklet. On the booklet(s), print: your name, student number, instructor’s name, and the number of booklets used. 6. Students must sign-in and sign-out. 2 PART I QUESTION 1 (60 MARKS) Read the article below, then respond to the questions following the article. Your responses must make explicit reference to any relevant course material (concepts, frameworks etc.). WALMART IN CANADA: SO WHAT? 1 A labour dispute at 15 Loblaw Cos. Ltd. stores in Newfoundland highlights a trend that is transforming the North American grocery industry as retailers race to lower costs and compete with the mighty Wal- Mart Stores Inc. Last week, Loblaw locked out about 1,600 workers at its 15 Dominion stores after the employees staged walkouts to protest the company's demand for wage and benefit reductions. Underlying the fight is Loblaw's view that it needs to control wage and benefit expenses in order to take on non-unionized, lower paying rivals — with much of the focus on Wal-Mart. The issue has already reared its head in Ontario where Loblaw succeeded this summer in getting the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW), which represents employees in that province, to agree to wage & benefit reductions at new, discount Real Canadian Superstores. In Newfoundland, the Loblaw employees are represented by a different union, the Canadian Auto Workers, which refused to accept the company's wage and benefit proposals. "This is simply about greed," CAW president Buzz Hargrove said in an interview, adding that Wal- Mart should not set labour standards for Canada. "We're not going to let the lowest common denominator dictate what's going to happen to our members." Indeed, Wal-Mart appears to be gradually setting employee compensation standards in the North American grocery sector as it aggressively widens its food offerings at its conventional stores, its Sam's Clubs and its mammoth U.S. supercentres that sell everything from food to furniture. Already the supercentres have pushed some U.S. supermarkets out of business. The Wal-Mart supercentres have triggered a wave of labour pro
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