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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Tsasis

Q 1. Third paragraph helps you save your answer: “…willing to give up high annual profit and social responsibility for one time infusion of money.” Opinions  Wrong to privatize. Because it would cause mass production and economies of scale, privatization would cause more publicity of alcohol and encourage consumption  Privatization would raise profits with mass production and more sales, with more going to the government, not the taxpayers.  Could lose its brand appearance and change as a company, which will  At the moment it is a controlled substance and there is accountability with the government being responsibility. Privatization would not secure that and the government will incur a huge loss.  Company’s would be allowed to sell different alcohol at different strengths  Could lower the value of the alcohol an increase criminal activity  Could lose out from outsourcing and would impair the economy: could increase unemployment, health care costs, domestic abuse Prof answer: Crown corporations want control.  You need to protect society from alcohol abuse; governments job  Government needs to generate revenue for social programs and public activities, sometimes not sought after by private companies  Support Ontario wines If we privatize:  The image is that they are large, sloppy and beaurocratic, and in turn become costly and inefficient. The thought is that privatization will solve this problem.  They are also poorly managed, and cannot compete in the free market [economic argument]  Privatization increases innovation, efficiency, sales and competition Other perspective:  Is the LCBO run inefficiently? Does it need bailouts?  It makes a lot of money; the case gives us the information that it’s not mismanaged and non-profitable.  It can continue on its own-doesn’t fit the pr
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