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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Len Karakowsky

Session 3 – (Chapter 8) Talisman in the Societal Context (Textbook page 196-197) 1. How is CSR an issue in this case? Four (4) levels of CSR need to be met for the company to be socially responsible. Economic Responsibilities: Definition/Explanation/Theory: The economic responsibility is based upon that society requires that companies be profitable. In other words, companies should generate profits and minimize costs. Application/Case Examples: Conclusion: Legal Responsibilities: Definition/Explanation/Theory: Society also requires companies to be legally responsible. That is, complying with all laws and regulations. For example, employment laws, human rights laws, business law, contract law, copyright law, environmental law and so on. Application/Case Examples: Page 1 of 5 Conclusion: Ethical Responsibilities: Definition/Explanation/Theory: Society also expects companies to be ethically responsible. That is, what society considers fair, just and acceptable. Application/Case Examples: Conclusion: Page 2 of 5 Philanthro
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