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ADMS 1000
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40% 830 am LSB 103 3 short essay questions + multiple choice arrive early 2 page double space per question 1 pg is fine 25 multiple choice not opinion based answers week 1 the external and internal contect of business (the environment the factors, 7s framework ) What is an organization? What are the different external forces and how they influence organizations What do we mean by the internal context of business Case: sam the record man Textbook chapter 1 External forces: Speak about the Canadian business and how socio cultural forces have changed in a particular industry. 7 forces in the external environment: know them all what is an organization? Its goal directed , social entity, diff roles, roles are clear, identifiable boundaries given the changes in the Canadian industry what are some of the general competencies we use today? Strategy structure, skills, leadership, culture week 2 the economic context -factors of production- contrast command market and free market system. -types of economic systems monopolistic, pure competition, oligopoly characteristics of each! Law of demand and supply, what shifts demand upwards shifts to the left shifts to the right -tpyes of competition in a free economic system -supply and demand -economic growth indicators- how fast the economy is doing, globalization, unemployment, jdp, gnp ( gross national product) textbook chapter 2 week 3 -the societal context and responsibility of business -the coporate form of organization ( what is it ? benefits and drawbacks -the case for and against corporate soci
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