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Chapter 2 You might want to make improvements to these notes because they were from last year (winter), I attended this class however did not take part. What I did was I take addition notes on top of these notes, with more updated examples and etc. PS: my

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

Lecture 2 *it is alright to make an assumption - Logical and possible Case study: Sam the Record Man 1. People, structure, strategy 2. Political, global, economic, societal, competitive, technological Internal: #1 People - Family own business; Jason currently owned store - Jason Canadian musician - Does he have the skills to run the record store Internal: #2 Structures - The skills need to run the business - Family own/leader of the business - Pressure on the family (raising issues) o Think a specific way nd - 2 generation: successfully took over the company and would be successful o Usually have another manger (non – family) - Know little about structure - 50 – 60 million o Shows not adapting/ changing Internal: #3 Strategies - Strong musician (Canadian music) - Sell all types of top hits o Potential selling music other than Canadian - Do people know they are Canadian or Americans o Do people care that the music is from Canada External: #1 Technological - Canadian records might not have been the best idea - Records aren’t popular any more (or CD) - New technology will shatter the old o Time consuming o Large and only holds 12 songs External: #2 Societies - FREE music  society changes; perfectly acceptable - Digital music: Is there a place for people to sell CD’s? External: #3 Competitions - Other places that sold CD’s - Wal – Mart; Cosco; Zellers External: #4 Global - Malls used to be all Canadian; now few Canadian companies - Why drive to buffalo to go to target? - Thing of the past = local companies - Starbuck sells a ton of CD’s o Individuals spend a lot of time there o Cause customers want to buy the CD’s External: #5 Political/ Global - Malls in Canada is the same as malls all over the world - Unique is the only way of survival in Canada - Canada vs. States: copy right laws and weak vs. Jail, fines, international companies = big loss External: #5 a) Political - Relate to government External: #6 Economic - Tends to goes down - Not enough information from the article “WRITE OUT ANSWER ON EXAM, NO RIGHT ANSWER!” - Demonstrate - Insight - Conclusion - Examples Slide 1 - Ethics, societal forces and Business’s role in society Slide 3 - Corporate scandals o Obeying the law  Responsibility  Behave in ways that are ethical  Driven by money (cooperation)  designed to do... o Example: pollution  leading to pay  Pay the price; making money = is that wrong? o Other places with laws that are different  The cooperation’s responsibility o Company took action of false product  Example: collusion of a “ford” car = blow up  2 million dollars (let the people die)  Recall 100 million dollars o Responsible to do the right thing  Is it right or wrong  Tobacco & smoking  Their choices; not the cooperation’s fault  Allows them to sell; high taxes - Do people care? Although people know they don’t care; convenient o Cooperation’s try to just sell things to children *Smokers die faster therefore more beneficial/ small cost Slide 4 - Stake holders o Individual group that is effected by a cooperation o Different level - Example: York student o Have a teacher; grade; an exam o Not to be harassed Slide 5 - Stake holders - Primary: directly Slide 6 - Stake holders - Secondary: not directly involved - Only people that matter share holders - Stake holders o Good to stake holders satisfy share holders o Ethical dilemmas Side 7 - Conflicts, maximized changes o VISA and MASTERCARDS  Donating money online and on the phone  Processing fee/transaction  Example: the tornado that hit = red cross  Instead of taking the money donated and gain from the processing fee/ transaction  Example: funeral of the dead cop at the con
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