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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Yung Ching C Hing

Case 1: Wireless Service Industry Problems - Restrictive contracts - High fees - Not enough competition - Foreign ownership restrictions - Government allows foreign ownerships of small business e.g. wind mobile Why are foreign ownership rules a form of trade protection? Define protectionism first....... protecting a countries' domestic economy Now relate this to the case and foreign ownership oe does restrictions on ownership conflict with nations of globalization? Define globalization first........ integration of world economies - Growth of FDI across the world - Lowering trade barriers..... restrictions on foreign wireless companies is, in a sense, a trade barrier Push (External) and Pull (Internal) Factors Review these factors and how does these effect companies ros and Cons of Protectionism Again, define the term first and relate it back to the case Pros - Job of employees in wireless companies - Money stays in the country (Canada) Cons - Poor choices of phones....... make it specific to the case - Lack of innovation (No R+D in phones) es - Money leaves the country - Other countries will retaliate (put restrictions of their owns to Canadian wireless businesses) Case 2: Beijing and the Calgary Oil Sands How does the case relate to the theme of globalization? Once again, define the term and then answer it based on the case given Push and Pull factors is one of the themes of globalization Push and Pull Factors -ull (in view of the Chinese Company) Access to the resources Pull (in view of the Chinese Company) - Growing economy f trade barriers ow are the parties affected by the takeover....... Benefits and Consequences? - Access to oil reserves for Chinese - Acquisition costs paid by the Chinese - Jobs are saved/new created for Canadian economy usiness - Taxes paid by the Chinese company to the Canadian government - Profits are leaving back to China for Canadians - Canada is loosing a valuable resource (oil) - Potential for takeover bids Case 3: When good companies go bad What were the forces of change acting on this industry (commercial imaging)? - Recession (Economic) - More i
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