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York University Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies Department of Economics Course: AP/ECON1000F – Introduction to Microeconomics Course Webpage: Term: Fall 2013 Prerequisite / Co-requisite: Course Instructor Contact Name: Steven Edwards Office: 1057 Vari Hall Phone: 416-736-5083 Office Hours: TBA Email: [email protected] Time and Location Lectures: M: 7:00-10:00pm, ACE 102 TA hours: TBA Course Description Our course has 1 scheduled 3 hour class each week. The option is yours to attend lectures or not however you should be aware that this is a lecture driven course. Be aware it is obligatory that you attend midterm test(s) and final exams in person. Lecture notes-in the form of power – point, will be available on the course website. These should not be a substitute for reading the appropriate chapters nor attending lectures. There is a reading schedule provided- it is based on specific topics and a specific text that are to be studied in a progressive order of information. The topics and volume of information are by no means limited to the text, or specific readings. If you find that the style of the author is not conducive to your learning style feel free to search out alternative authors, as there are many, that offer a style you appreciate—the topics/theory are generic and not author specific. The Study Guide questions attached to each chapter are for YOUR own teaching assistance- the more you do the more prepared you will be for the tests and final. They will not be graded and thus will not affect your final grades.— The online –MyEconLab – learning platform is a complete study package to be taken advantage of. It contains chapter by chapter notes, graph analysis and multiple choice quiz questions. The importance of both the Study Guide and MyEconLab cannot be stressed enough. Next to lectures, dealing with them is the most important preparation for test and exams. You should realize that the questions for tests and exams are similar in type and style as to those found in the Study Guide and MyEconLab. The in-class test(s) and final exam(s) will be multiple choice. Remember in all multiple choice questions there is always one most correct answer. The wrong will not be taken from the right, so try all questions-you may surprise yourself. You have accepted the responsibility of taking a subject that is by no means to be considered just an elective course. One of the dangers that many new students learn too late, is that without the discipline of coming to class on a regular basis and maintaining your reading schedule you may fall behind very quickly. Last minute cramming, in Economics in particular, could be considered a recipe for disaster. The failure rate on the first term test is typically 25% or higher, not a fault of the questions or the material but because many do not follow the advice offered. To help prevent this outcome, there will be online quizzes throughout the term (worth 20% of your final grade) that will offer fair opportunity for you to “test’ your knowledge. There will be more information to follow. This will be demonstrated on the first day. Success in this course is a result of your own efforts. You possibly are arriving here with very high expectations based on previous studies. ECON 1000/1010 is a difficult course. To do well, you should expect to spend at least 2 hours studying or preparing for every hour of lecture. That means at least 5 hours each week studying for this course alone. The goal is to understand, so that you will be able to apply the concepts to decisions like those you will make at home, at work and use to interpret national and international economic news and policy. Course Text / Readings 1. Text th Micro Economics – Canada in the Global Environment, 8 Edition, Michael Parkin & Robin Bade, Pearson Publishing 2. Study Guide Micro Economics—Canada in the global Environment – 8th Edition, Avi Cohen –Harvey Ki
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