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ADMS 1000

ADMS 1000 Q Midterm Review Winter 2012 General Information 1. Exam will be written on February 8 in class. It will be 2.5 hours in length. 2. Please bring your student ID, pen and pencil to the exam. You will be required to complete the multiple choice questions on a scan card which requires completion in pencil. 3. When answering questions be sure to identify relevant course theories/concepts/models discussed in class and use these to answer the question. A good answer will have a combination of theory, supported by case examples. Exam Format/Content The exam will cover all material covered up to and including session 4 as per the course schedule. The exam format will consist of 3 parts as follows: Part A 20 multiple choice questions which will be based on chapter 2 concepts. You should know the meanings of the key economic terms/concepts covered in the chapter and in class. For example, you should be able to define GDP and CPI. (20 marks) Part B There will be one short answer theory based question. A small scenario will be provided to which you will apply the required theory to answer the question . (20 marks) Part C (40 marks) You will be provided with a small case based on a newspaper article (similar to the DVD case I sent you). There will be two questions on this case. To practice for the exam, read over the relevant chapters, review my notes and practice the cases we have discussed in class, as well as answer the questions to the Talisman case (end of ch8) and the DVD rental case. The questions for the DVD rental c
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