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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000

ADMS1000 Exam OutlineSame outline as midtermadded part D with an extra question3 hoursStrategic managementUse VRIO model to check competitive advantage Ex Ipad is difficult to imitateSWOT analysisstrengths weaknesses opportunities threatsoConduct on competitors and also on own firmto see how to take advantage of firmDiversification typeswhen the company starts to produce other products can diversify with related products cupslids unrelated products LG sells dvds computers appliances cellphones etc and GElight bulbs tvs etc vertical integration backward starting to diversify going backwards ex Selling paper and cups Paper is needed to make cups therefore supplying self or forward manufacturing and also retailer ex Sony when selling to future shop need to give commission instead Sony decides to take commission for self directly from consumerLife cycleindustrial evolution new product comes in introduced to the market market is increasing in size since companies are copying productsinnovating to make the same product better to get profit Eventually the market wi
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