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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 1000
Peter Tsasis

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ADMS1000 Final ReviewFriday May 22 300pm CSE B CIndustry Life Cycle ModelDriver of evolutionDemand growthCreationDiffusion of technologyLife cycle1Introduction2Growth3Mature4Decline1 IntroductionLess competitionLots of advertisementRisk thinkingLack of abominate player and dominant business modelCustomer spend lots of moneyEntrepreneurs band together to gain governmentsociety supportLots of researchdevelopment pay off RD by initial high retail priceOrganic structure2 GrowthStandards are created de jore enforced by government electrical output de facto established by common usage windows XPShakeout happens if organizationproducts not conform to dominant modelHigh growthattracts larger companiesestablished forms aequisition pharmaceutical biotech firmsFocus is on salesmarketing vs innovationRDGain market share3 MatureGrows begin to slowLots of competitionProducts are commoditiesInnovations are incremental
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